In 1976, United States bishops initiated a national gathering of Catholics from around the country to enter into dialogue and make recommendations on how to make the Catholic Church more just and inclusive. The name of this convention was Call To Action.

As in 1976, Call To Action's national conference will bring together Catholics from every corner of the United States to form the largest gathering of progressive Catholics in the country.

Call To Action's 2013 conference is Living Our Baptismal Call. Through our baptism, we are initiated into a life of Christ, into a community of love that serves as the foundation for everything that we do. This year's conference program will look at the future of our church and explore how we may live out our baptismal call to transform our Catholic community into to a just and inclusive church.

Join Call To Action in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 1-3 for provocative speakers and nourishing worship that will inspire your soul and call you to action in transforming our church.